Are You Struggling with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Excess Weight or Chronic Pain & Inflammation?


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Let me help you build a personalized program that you can sustain for the long run.

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Excess Weight and chronic pain and inflammation are serious conditions, NOW is the time to deal with them before it's too late.

You’ve probably tried some form of eat less, move more, low fat right?  I bet it just left you hungry, tired and angry, but there is another way. I have seen so many lives transformed by consistent effort with a carnivore diet.  

What is the true cost of your diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, or chronic pain?

We’ve all shied away from the camera, or sighed at the thought of buying a new coat in a larger size.  But what else has your ill health cost you?

  • How much are you spending on medications each month?
  • How many sets of clothing in different sizes are hanging in your closet?
  • How many bottles of pain reliever are in your medicine cabinet?

  • What trips have you not taken because of pain or exhaustion?
  • What promotions have you missed out on because you weren’t your best at work?
  • What opportunities have passed you by because you were too tired to pursue them?

How Does Your Life Look Like Once the Pain, Excess Weight and Disease is Gone?

Take a second now to imagine you in 1 year.  You’ve reached your health goals or are well on your way there.  What’s different from now?

  • Are you waking up with no pain, excited about the day ahead?
  • Are you off all medications and using the savings to have a luxurious spa weekend?
  • Are you sporting a new wardrobe on an exotic trip you’ve always wanted to take?

That and more is what I want for you!  

A customized carnivore diet will leave you energetic, full and happy, PLUS you will heal, gain muscle and lose weight.

Let me help you build the consistency to get there.

Schedule time to see if you’re a good fit for my customized program.  

"I know I wouldn't be where I am now if I didn't have Ede's coaching".

- Michele S


Meet Ede.

My mom lived a painful life and died early because of morbid obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis. I miss her dearly.

7 years ago I was on the same track with obesity, rising blood sugar, high blood pressure, aches & pains and uncontrolled asthma.  Doctors shrugged and said “Well, you’re getting older, this is what aging is like”.  I refused to accept this answer and couldn’t imagine another 25 years of feeling worse and worse every day, so I decided to try something different.  

I found the keto diet, lost weight and felt better.  Then I found the carnivore diet, lost cravings, could finally breathe and felt AMAZING!

To be honest, I’m on this mission because I’m still trying to save my mom.  I tried to get her on keto, but she loved her sugar and worse, believed her doctors when they said to eat low fat, low calorie and exercise more.  I know it’s too late for her, but I hope to help YOUR kids get an extra 20 years from you.  

Let me help you try a different path to finally end the cycle.  

  • If you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, did you know Black women in this community have normalized their blood sugars in weeks WITHOUT medications?
  • If you have high blood pressure, did you know Black women in this community have brought their numbers to normal in weeks WITHOUT medications?
  • If you have chronic pain and inflammation, did you know Black women in this community have reduced or even eliminated their pain and inflammation within days WITHOUT medication?

If you are obese, it will take time to lose the weight, but we have found a sustainable method that makes you feel great from the beginning and is easy to do long term.  Complicated recipes, meal plans, macros and calorie counting are not required for success.  Sleeping well, lots of energy and great mental focus is the norm for our community.  Let me help you have the same experience.  

If this isn't you, do you have a wife, mother, sister, or other important woman in your life who needs to hear this message? Please share it, we need her around!  We also need our dads, husbands, brothers and other important men in our lives!  This diet works even faster for men!   


  • Serious, dedicated folks willing to make the most out of this opportunity to take control of their health and get MAJOR results like getting off medications and losing weight.
  • Folks committed to themselves and willing to do the hard stuff including digging into your mindset around food and your relationships with food & exercise.
  • Folks who want it bad enough to take action.
  • I'm looking for people who are willing to put in the work. You don't have to be perfect, but you have to be willing to commit to your health and choose to eat on plan, choose to move your body, and choose to focus on learning and growing.
  • You take responsibility for your own success and you’re not afraid to take action and do what it takes when you’ve got a game plan and accountability.


  • People who aren't serious about their health goals
  • People who are not willing to do the work - you need to be an action taker.
  • People who don't want to try a new approach.
  • People not willing to accept new ideas.


Here's What You Need to Reach Your Goals:

  • You need a plan & program that’s simple AND repeatable.
  • You need clear information about the carnivore diet that you can personalize for your own goals!
  • You need weekly access to expert advice and group support.
  • You need on demand support and accountability to help you through challenges and temptations.

I'll Help You:

Identify Goals

Ede's coaching will help you clarify your "why". What are your health goals and how do you tailor your plan to your goals.

Overcome Challenges

Life is full of wrenches and obstacles. Ede's methods will help you grow through your challenges instead of letting them stop you on your life’s journey.

Create an Action Plan

Ede's coaching will help you learn step by step how to create a healthy lifestyle. You will be able to apply what you learn to sustain a healthy body for life.

Implement a Healthy Lifestyle

As you grow, Ede will help you identify the adjustments you can make while giving you the tools you need to follow the path that's right for you.



*Includes comprehensive training on the Carnivore Accelerator Program

Four "P" Strategy to Success

In addition to weekly live coaching and mentoring, you get access to the Carnivore Accelerator Program, a structured approach which includes my Four "P" Strategy:

Personalize It

  • Learn the principles of the Carnivore Diet
  • Learn how to adjust it to work for your preferences and goals.
  • Are you a strict, moderate or relaxed carnivore?

Plan Ahead

  • Discover what kind of planner you are then match your meal planning with your planning style.
  • Learn how to develop a meal plan that is tasty and easy to prepare
  • Learn how to plan for upcoming social events and travel.
  • Learn how to plan for the unexpected so you can move through temptations with ease.

Practice Makes Progress

  • No one is perfect right out of the gate. Give yourself the space to practice and aim for progress, not perfection.
  • Practice all the strategies you learn in a supportive environment.
  • Use on demand coaching to support your practice in real life.
  • Incorporate your fitness regimen at your own pace.


  • Don't go it alone, you need support to be successful.
  • Ask for help even if you don't think you need it.
  • Learn from fellow program members during weekly group coaching sections.
  • Immerse yourself in carnivore information on the Black Carnivore Youtube channel to help you stay motivated.

What's included in my membership?

On-Demand Carnivore Coaching

Ede knows it’s not always easy or convenient to log onto your computer, write an email, or wait to schedule an appointment. Just text Ede and get the advice you need with a quick response.

Weekly Group Sessions

Join in on Ede's expertly led group sessions. Share experiences and journeys with people who may be experiencing what you are right now. Stay connected and have a community always.

Proven Strategies to Reach Your Goals

Ede's coaching will help clear your mind of chaos and clutter. Learn new techniques to stay focused outside of your sessions so you stay on track when faced with challenges and temptations.

Weekly Guidance on a Carnivore Lifestyle

Get weekly instruction on building a carnivore lifestyle and homework assignments to help you implement what you're learning. This hands-on, personalized experience is your time to ask any questions, learn new exercises, and find your way.

"I was ready to get serious about my health, but wasn't sure what to do. I saw one of Ede's videos and knew I wanted to work with her. I've lost 30 lbs already"!

- Amy

“Ede is a knowledgeable, inspiring coach, who recommended the right tools to make sure that the plan worked for me. I feel full & have no cravings for sweets.”

- Carol

No other program will get you

to the finish-line the way you deserve!


Option 1: You keep trying to figure it out on your own, struggling to stick with your eating plan more than a few days at a time because you don't have the support and practices to build consistency.  


Option 2: You join the Carnivore Accelerator program to FAST TRACK your success with a proven method that actually works!


Fill out this application to apply for an enrollment call.